red hat 9 > RHEL 3 migration by using PLESK 7?

Discussion in 'Plesk 7.0 Installation and 'How Do I' Questions' started by web-vision, Apr 8, 2004.

  1. web-vision

    web-vision Mega Poster

    My idea is to migrate an existing rh9 to server rhel 3 by using plesk 7.

    I want to install all existing domains and clients manually to plesk 7 first.

    Then I would use the backup tool to make a backup of the existing data.

    After that I would install a fresh rhel 3, install plesk 7 and then restore the backup on the new system.

    Has anybody done something similar before? Are there any know incompatibilities between the different plesk versions?


  2. metallikop

    metallikop Guest

    I'm trying to do the same thing, any luck?
  3. web-vision

    web-vision Mega Poster

    Yes I've done it. Without any downtime. It worked fantastic.

    If you have further question, dont hesitate to ask.
  4. metallikop

    metallikop Guest

    I'd be interested to know how you did it. I'm strugging through it. I keep getting prompted, stating the IP is invalid. I don't want to do a full server back up yet, that'd take way too long and the outage would be to large on the currently active server.

    Many thanks.
  5. web-vision

    web-vision Mega Poster

    Ok. Here is my quick "How to move from a Red Hat 9.x to a RHEL 3.0 ES by using plesk 7" ;)

    1. I set up a old server of ours (with two NIC's in it) with a brand new RHEL 3 as a "backup server"

    2. configured eth0 with the same IP the "upgrade-server" had, eth1 got an intranet IP like for moving files quickly from one server to the other

    3. installed plesk 7.02 on the "backup server" and connected eth1 to my still running "upgrade server", also on eth1 (

    4. entered "upgrade server" by using SSH and made a full backup by using psadump

    5. copied the dump file with scp to "backup server" by giving internal ip as connection address

    6. entered "backup server" by using SSH and restored the backup by using psarestore and giving an "ip_map_file" and a "shells_file"

    7. edited ip_map_file like this: -> (yes it is exactly the same ip)

    8. psarestore again and giving ip_map_file and shell_file

    9. started plesk

    10. pulled the network plug on eth0 on my upgrade server and plugged it to eth0 on my backup server (downtime less than 10 seconds)

    11. installed RHEL 3, registered to RHN, updated RHEL (this took really long!), installed plesk 7.02 and turned the whell back again... backup on backup server, psadump, ssh, psarestore, done.

    12. the whole upgrade took me about 3 hours without any mentionable downtime (exept for the 10 seconds i pulled the network cable) ;)
  6. Traged1

    Traged1 Guru

    When I do a dump and restore it never restores 3/4 of the files in the domain's httpdocs.

    This is really crappy, having to manually backup and restore all these files for over 350 domains.
  7. Traged1

    Traged1 Guru

    As mentioned before it appears to be because of the Uppercase usernames edit the dump files to make all usernames lowercase only and that should fix it.
  8. oracle

    oracle Kilo Poster


    I've Plesk 6.0.1 on RedHat 9 and want to migrate to Plesk 7.0.4 on RedHat Enterprise Linux 3 .

    If i take a psadump in the Plesk 6.0.1 server , will it be restorable in the Plesk 7.0.4 server? or else will i have to upgarde to Plesk 7.0.x on the redhat 9 server and do the psadump there to be restored in the RHEL server?

    Thank You
  9. Traged1

    Traged1 Guru

    You will need to install PLESK 7 on RH9 and then do a psadump, then format and install the new OS then re-install PLESK7, then do a psa restore.
  10. lvalics

    lvalics Product Expert

    ERROR: can't restore dump for PSA '6.0.2' on PSA '7.5.0'

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