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  1. AaronMcH

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    We use the GlobalSign plugin for SSL, here is the scenario:

    The customer would like to have their certificate re-issued using SHA256 (it had been ordered using SHA1) and update the CSR, in order to do this we had to re-issue the certificate through the GlobalSign Control Panel, doing this created a new GlobalSign Order ID which OBAS does not know about, meaning the old certificate is now showing in their control panel and in the provider panel.

    To overcome this it would be useful to have the following features:
    • Ability to re-issue the certificate
    • Ability to change the hashing algorithm from SHA1 to SHA256
    • Message to the customer and provider warning them when they update any details on the certificate they need to re-issue the certificate
    • Admin: Ability to change the GlobalSign Order ID
    • Admin: Ability to request an update of all certificate information from GlobalSign (including certificate body)
    I believe these features would improve the overall usability and help in similar situations. The immediate problem though is that the certificate that the customer sees in the control panel is invalid now, so I need some help in updating that.

    Thank you
  2. FedorK

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    Thank you for your feedback, we will schedule those features to next major release.
  3. AaronMcH

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    Hi, that's great, thank you
  4. AaronMcH

    AaronMcH Mega Poster

    Hi, I would also like to request support for adding multiple domains (SANs) to a certificate during order and if possible adding and removing through the control panel after order, with the ability to set the price per additional SAN and set a limit for how many SANs can be added (which with GlobalSign is 100 additional SANs).

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