Qmail-Scanner (Spamassassin/ClamAV) - Clamuko strikes back

Discussion in 'Plesk 7.0 Troubleshooting and Problems' started by DennisCitus, Apr 11, 2004.

  1. DennisCitus

    DennisCitus Kilo Poster

    I've used to run AtomicRocketTurtle's Qmail-Scanner without problems, but because it didn't use spamass/clamav it wasn't very usefull.

    So i decided to install clamav (< i'm sure this wasn't installed) and spamassassin as well.

    But after typing "/usr/bin/qmail-scanner-reconfigure", I cannot receive any more new mail. All mail seems to get stuck in queue.

    Also all services seem to be workin' fine.
    [root@server02 log]# service spamassassin status
    spamd (pid 21097) is running...
    [root@server02 log]# service qmail status
    qmail-send (pid 22274) is running...
    [root@server02 log]# service clamd status
    clamd (pid 21057) is running...
    [root@server02 log]#
    Only /usr/local/psa/var/log/maillog gave an error as result of every mail processed/trying to process:
    Apr 11 11:12:01 server02 X-Qmail-Scanner-1.20st: [server02.hostingserver.nl108167472154724256] clamuko: corrupt or unknown clamd scanner error or memory/resource/perms problem - exit status 2
  2. safehaven

    safehaven Guest

    i've had this problem as well several times
  3. DennisCitus

    DennisCitus Kilo Poster

    Yes, also I was able to fix this by some 'dirty' chmodding/chowning.

    So I was able to receive e-mail again, but spamassassin and anti-virus didn't work anymore :(
  4. Ales

    Ales Guru

    Do you perhaps have clamuko enabled? Clamuko shouldn't be running on a server, atleast not for the /var/qmail dir. It will mess up your qmail if you are checking the queue with some other tool at the same time, like qmail-scanner/clamd combo.

    IMHO, clamuko is pretty useless for a server since one wouldn't expect any viruses on the server itself.
  5. DennisCitus

    DennisCitus Kilo Poster

    The answer is posted at http://forum.plesk.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=13959 by me.

    I installed ClamAV from source. I had to run these commands (after I removed qmail-scanner, clamav, spamass etc by rpm -e and make clean etc)
    yum install spamassassin
    yum install clamav
    yum install qmail-scanner

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