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  1. Andrew Andriatis

    Andrew Andriatis Odin Team

    Hello everybody,

    I am glad to announce that we have opened a public preview of the Parallels Plesk Automation system. To participate in the preview, please, fill in a sign-up form on, and we’ll send you the trial licenses. The product can be installed from

    The current status of the migration tool is the following:
    1. Assimilation (conversion to PPA service nodes) for Plesk 10+
    2. Transfer of account from Plesk 9+
    3. Transfer of account from Expand with Plesk 9.

    Currently we are working on transfer from Plesk 8. H-Sphere will follow after that.

    Andrey Andriatis
  2. Andrey Dobrenko

    Andrey Dobrenko Odin Team

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