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    Having an issue with pstorage-iscsi when trying to create a new LUN (which works) I tell the lun to start with the following command
    # pstorage-iscsi start -t
    Can't find executable /usr/sbin/arpsend
    Unable start target
    and as you can see, moans.

    This is on a cloudstorage MDS/CSD server, this does not have client role installed.

    Now, obviously the above is a problem. However what I am trying to do is mount the pstorage on a windows physical server. Is there a better way of doing this, and the storage purpose will be a MS Exchange 2013 database. Hence using the iscsi method.

    Is it better to expose the windows server to a container running iscsi (with large disk allocation), or can I do this from the Storage node?
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    Hi Keith,

    To exporting PStorage space via iSCSI you have to run client service. Let's follow steps in "Preparing to Work with Parallels Cloud Storage iSCSI Targets" article of PStorage documentation: (BTW, make sure that you are using PCS-Update6)
    1. yum install pstorage-iscsi pstorage-scsi-target-utils
    2. Make sure that the node is a pstorage client. See more inforation in "Setting Up Clients" article. In your deployment the node haver to run not only CS/MDS but also a client role.
    3. When the node have a running client service it have access to cluster files in PStorage mountpoint. In the example, pstorage is mointed to /pstorage/pcs1. BTW, you can find mountpoint by "mount" Linux utility.
    4. Now you need to create directory for iscsi on pstorage filesystem: mkdir /pstorage/pcs1/ . And fill this directory in config: /etc/pstorage/iscsi/config.

    Is it solve your problem?

    You don't need create CT with iSCSI, because PStorage already have HA iSCSI targets.


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