PSBM/PCS6 "Unable to compact the disk."

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by blackcats, Nov 28, 2016.

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    Linux guest vm
    shutdown clean
    cannot find any kb that applies. Can anyone help. I actually prefer to compact this disk online if possible. I am working with a clone of a server so I can be a bit aggressive, but method still needs to work on production VM.

    [root@pcs03]# time prl_disk_tool check --hdd /vz/vmprivate/system.pvm/system-0.hdd/
    Operation progress 100 %

    real 0m1.553s
    user 0m0.774s
    sys 0m0.108s
    [root@pcs03]# time prl_disk_tool compact --buildmap --force --hdd /vz/vmprivate/system.pvm/system-0.hdd/
    Unable to compact the disk.

    real 0m0.150s
    user 0m0.026s
    sys 0m0.011s

    [root@pcs03]# time prl_disk_tool compact --info --hdd /vz/vmprivate/system.pvm/system-0.hdd/
    Operation progress 100 %
    Disk information:
    Block size: 512
    Total blocks: 1843200
    Allocated blocks: 1541501
    Used blocks: 909754

    real 0m3.016s
    user 0m1.074s
    sys 0m0.040s

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  2. Pavel

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    Unfortunately this information alone is not enough to give you any insight. Prl_disk_tool also writes logs to /var/log/parallels.log
    Can you please make another attempt and upload the logs somewhere for me?

    Thanks in advance!

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