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  1. Baybal

    Baybal Bit Poster

    Sorry I do not speak english. I write with a translator.
    I have problem with my Plesk 05.12.30, Debian 7.9, Linux, FastCGI. VServer is freshly installed.

    01- pictures I will upload not displayed. but which are present in the folder upload. it's a subdomein.

    02- I have a script Avatar me the man can write on images texts online. The umlauts are not displayed properly. it is also a subdomein.

    03- My emails are not sent. All mails that I want to send are in the queue of Plesk. But I get mails without problems.

    Please for your help ..
    thank you
  2. ykhokhlunova

    ykhokhlunova Staff Member

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