Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by joelmoss, Sep 25, 2004.

  1. joelmoss

    joelmoss Tera Poster

    I hate it when pricing is not publicly displayed on sites :mad:. Anyone know how much HSPcomplete is?
  2. thewolf

    thewolf Tera Poster

    yes, I agree: they should display pricing info on the website.

    Anyone knows how much it is?

  3. wjtech

    wjtech Kilo Poster


    I usually work on the assumption that if the pricing isn't displayed on a web site, I can't afford it.

  4. joelmoss

    joelmoss Tera Poster

    Yeah, thats what usually puts me off asking. And seeing as though this is an SW-Soft product, I wouldn't expect it to be cheap anyway!
  5. olsh

    olsh Odin Team

    Hi everyone,

    the pricing section is on it's way - we will publish it in couple of days. For now here is the basic information on licensing scheme:

    HSPcomplete is licensed on per-account basis: $4-$5 per customer account and additional fee per reseller. Additionally there might be charges for installation, support, training, etc.

    Total price of HSPcomplete purchase is composed from the following:

    1) $500 one time purchase fee
    2) customer accounts pack (starting from $1000 for 200 accounts)
    3) optional resellers pack
    3) optional fee if installaiton and initial configuration will be made by SWsoft engineers
    4) optional fee for onsite training
    5) mandatory fee for 1st year support (25% from purchase price)

    Lease pricing is also available.

    Oleg Shaikhatarov
    HSPcomplete Product Manager
  6. CMilne

    CMilne Guest

    Holy ****, may as well go with another, unmentioned cp software provider which is complete hosting automation for $4.50 per account and no $500 first fee.

    I know i am going to change to it ASAP, i'm not going to stand around and pay that much for complete hosting automation, i mean plesk is great, but HSP's hosting automation system looks good, but insanely expensive.

    Thanks, but no thanks.
  7. joelmoss

    joelmoss Tera Poster

    As with all SW-Soft products. Overpriced!
  8. CMilne

    CMilne Guest

    Plesk is great, but i'd never actually buy it. I only get it with dedicated servers as an inclusion, it's way too expensive as it is.
  9. joelmoss

    joelmoss Tera Poster

    thats exactly what i do.
  10. alex042

    alex042 Guest

    If you're thinking of the other h* control panel, we just migrated off of it and onto plesk because of several difficulties with that cp, but you're welcome to try it for yourself.
    True. just like with cpanel. About the only way most small to medium size companies can even afford these cp's is leasing through their datacenter which is exactly how these companies want it so they have constant income. I doubt they want people to just buy the product outright unless they have some kind of additional support income coming in also.
  11. jsonline2k3

    jsonline2k3 Guest

    That is OUT of this world! We use Modernbill and it may not tie in to plesk as good as this would but hell for that price I just dont care! MB is working fine for us.
  12. CMilne

    CMilne Guest

    The h* control panel is great, I have a friend who is using it for his hosting site, he has over 600 members, who love it, and it's great, dosn't crash, not buggy, and it's $4.50 per account with no $500 idiot fee
  13. alex042

    alex042 Guest

    Modernbills $180+ price is a little hefty for us to run multiple brands with, but seems to be a popular choice right now as it's one of the few billing systems that integrate with plesk to create accounts.
    I had the opposite experience with this cp. We've had problems since day one. It's a problem when we can add logical servers but not remove them. Things become cluttered with all of the extra garbabe there and the company that makes it just told us they couldnt help us with that. We had constant cp lags and other issues like these. Documentation for it is really unclear and confusing and there's so much of it that it takes forever to weed through to even find a keyword to search on. There's noone to really support this cp except the company that makes it unless you want to pay $100/hr for some other company to fix something for you. The whole thing has to be the most confusing cp I've used. It's pretty but not practical for us. I can't guarantee uptime if I can't even do administration on it myself. It took me like 4 months to figure out what took me 4 days on plesk or cpanel. Everyone on the server was glad to get off of it and onto plesk. They even liked cpanel better than this cp.

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