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    We have migrated from an old Expand/Plesk with SmarterMail setup to PPA with SmarterMail. One issue we've noticed is that with Expand, if we disabled the mail on a domain, in SmarterMail it would rename the domain with a .disabled on the end which prevented issues from other users trying to send to that domain on the same SmarterMail server. In PPA when disabling a domain, it disables the mail on SmarterMail but does not rename the domain.
    To try illustrate the issue:
    If say outsidemail.com is in PPA for hosting but has email elsewhere and mail is disabled for them in PPA, because it does not rename the domain to outsidemail.com.disabled, anyone on outsidemail.com cannot send to anyone on that SmarterMail server as it wants them to authenticate. Also if someone else on that SmarterMail server tries to send to outsidemail.com it will try and send locally.
    There is a work around for the second problem by going into the the outsidemail.com domain on the SmarterMail service and setting it to use MX instead of local, but this still does not allow them to send to anyone else on that server.
    We can go in and manually rename the domains in SmarterMail but this is a pain to do for everyone not using the SmarterMail. Is there a way to have PPA rename the domain in SmarterMail like the old Expand/Plesk environment did?
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    I think, there are no way to do so automatically.

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