ppa-transfer check config.ini - no plesk license at ppa node 3

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  1. alphacomp

    alphacomp Kilo Poster

    I'm trying to run the preliminary check "ppa-transfer check config.ini" but I keep getting
    [2012-11-28 20:49:39] [INFO] | START: check licenses on PPA nodes
    [2012-11-28 20:49:40] [ERROR] | ABORT (by exception): check licenses on PPA nodes
    [2012-11-28 20:49:40] [ERROR] | There is no Plesk license at PPA node 3, please fix. Context: check-nodes-licenses.

    node 3 is only running mysql as I understood I didn't need a license for mysql. I didn't read anything in the documentation
    about a license well maybe I haven't got much sleep :)

    is there a temp license I have to use for this?

    Any help would be awesome :)
  2. Andrew Andriatis

    Andrew Andriatis Odin Team

    Thanks! If the check requires a license on the DB node, it's a bug. I will assign the highest priority to it.

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