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  1. TonyDas

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    Where can I go to buy PPA licenses? I do not see PPA listed on odin.com anymore - is it hosted on some other site now?
  2. SteveITS

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    PPA is fading away so if you're buying new it's conceivable they aren't offering it. Our Virtuozzo licenses are on https://central.plesk.com/ now but our PPA license doesn't show there anymore. (central.odin.com points to that web site but shows an SSL certificate error because of the hostname change). So I'm not even sure where ours is. :)
  3. acruse

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    As best as I've been able to determine, the licensing is now split among the various former components of Parallels. The management node licensing, and I assume PPAB for anyone using it, are at https://shop.odin.com:8443. The service node licenses are in the Plesk store at https://shop.plesk.com:8443, but Plesk has moved the billing for that to Cleverbridge where you now seem to have essentially no visibility into your licensing.

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