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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Aaron ZeroOne, Jul 5, 2012.

  1. Aaron ZeroOne

    Aaron ZeroOne Bit Poster

    Hi All,

    We're having this problem where Power Panel doesn't work anymore (it was working).

    When I try to access the Offline Services Configuration tool. I get this error:

    Get the Parallels Power Panel service status from "VPS Management".
    has completed with errors.
    Click the "Details" button for more information.


    The following error(s) were detected:
    Connection to vzagent was closed

    I think container #1 maybe missing as this apparently is important? (I'm new to this)
    vzlist 1 returns:
    C:\Users\Administrator>vzlist 1
    ERROR: Container 1 does not exist
    Container not found.

    In PVA (website), If I go to Network\Offline Services it's just blank.

    We have 2 hardware nodes, 1 Linux and 1 Windows. The Windows node is missing the offline services information but in the Linux node there are 2 items, vzpp and vzpp-plesk which have the destination container ID of 1.

    On the Windows node when I add in these offline services it says container ID 1 does not exist.

    If i browse to https://HardwareNodeWindows:4643 or the Linux equivalent I get an ERROR 403 telling me that I need to use the containers IP address, when I use the containers IP it just times out.

    I've spent most of today trying to figure this out so any help would be great :D

  2. Aaron ZeroOne

    Aaron ZeroOne Bit Poster

    I have fixed the issue myself.

    I had updated the firmware of the NIC's on the hardware node which caused the virtual adapter to lose its IP configuration.

    I had to rebuild the affected hardware node before I realised what was wrong.

    The settings that we put in after reinstalling the server are: or
    no gateway
  3. Chris Valean

    Chris Valean Kilo Poster

    If you're using VZ 4.6 on Windows, then this version doesn't have the classical SVE - vz agent system.
    Instead, it uses PVA, which also includes the VZPP module.

    It largely depends on the issue you had there, but usually a VZPP module only reinstall does the trick, if it used to work and then stopped working, or even for troubleshooting purposes, rather than reinstalling everything... :)
  4. GiorgosI

    GiorgosI Kilo Poster

    I had the same problem after a clean installation of VZ 4.6 for Windows.
    When I browsed at:
    PVA -> HN -> Network -> Offline Services
    it was empty.
    Also I could not browse to Power Panel page (not found).

    I had to uninstall Power Panel by connecting to HN Remote Desktop and go to:
    Start -> All Programs -> Parallels -> Parallels Virtual Automation -> Launch PVA Setup Utility -> Next (at welcome screen) -> Next (at choose Setup Type) -> Add/Remove Product Components -> deselected 'PVA Power Panel'
    and finished the wizard.

    When it completed I followed the same steps and installed again 'PVA Power Panel'.

    That fixed the problem.
    Offline services appeared in PVA and Power Panel page was functional.

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