Postgresql / Plesk license question

Discussion in 'Plesk 7.0 Installation and 'How Do I' Questions' started by PaulB, May 14, 2004.

  1. PaulB

    PaulB Guest

    In trying to set the postgresql admin password in Plesk, I get the following message:

    PostgreSQL (not supported by your license key)

    ?? Do I have to buy anything extra to use Postgresql with Plesk? I already have a 300 domain license for Plesk 7 that I'm using.

    are installed.

    and postgresql is running.
  2. kyama

    kyama Guest


    There is a extra add on you can buy from SW-Soft, PostrgeSQL Support which is said to add the PostrgeSQL Support to your Plesk 7.

    Good luck getting it though, I bought and paid for it and never recieved it. I wrote email after email to SW-Soft and bugger all responce.

    I ended up requesting a refund from the billing company, and only just got the refund through.

    I don't know weather this is an isolated issue, but I am very wary about this Plesk product now, and it support.
  3. PaulB

    PaulB Guest

    You mean I have to PAY for what will turn out to be just PHPMyAdmin?!? That is ridiculous!

    I was hoping it would be a programming bug, but it seems SWSoft just wants more money out of me. They are NOT getting it. :mad:

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