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  1. sonics

    sonics Mega Poster

    Hello all

    how does it work to install on the centralized mailserver also the capabiltiy of using webmail for the customers?
    we tried to install atmail at the postfix mailserver but it gives an error:


    Required package that shall be installeded in system not found and does not present in PPM repository.

    Dependency details:
    Package: Any
    Provide interface: QmailCluster

    atmail 5.5-9 (other)

    regards chris
  2. Andrey Dobrenko

    Andrey Dobrenko Odin Team

    Hi Chris,

    Webmail (Atmail and Horde) are installed on management node automatically by PPA installer. Customer can define the specific webmail in Hosting Panel.

    Best Regards,

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