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Discussion in 'Plesk 7.1 Reloaded Installation and 'How Do I' Questions' started by Doug_M, Aug 27, 2004.

  1. Doug_M

    Doug_M Guest

    The httpd.include file created for each domain by Plesk has an incorrect entry. It aliases plesk-stat to


    instead of


    How can I fix this?

  2. Matt.D

    Matt.D Mega Poster

    As far as I can tell that is right.

    In my httpd.include file you can find the following

    Alias /plesk-stat /data/httpd/vhosts/
  3. Doug_M

    Doug_M Guest

    Yeah, but the directory statistics has no index.html so you get a "forbidden" error from the web server. The sub-directory webstat contains index.html and the actual stats!
  4. Matt.D

    Matt.D Mega Poster

    Thats right.

    If you want to view the HTTP statistics, you have to go to ./plesk-stat/webstat

    for SSL stats: ../plesk-stat/webstat-ssl/
    fot FTP stats: ../plesk-stat/ftpstat/

    There are no files at ../plesk-stat/. So it is right that you are getting an error is you go to this address.

    Under the reloaded design, its ment for you to go and view the statistics from clicking on the corresponding buttons on the control panel.
  5. Doug_M

    Doug_M Guest

    Light goes on.....


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