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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by jmas12, Oct 20, 2004.

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    When I create a Plesk Shared Hosting Plan, I define Disk Space Quota for example to 100 MB and Maximum consumable value to 200 MB and cost for additional to 0,5 per unit.
    I can't define hardware limit.
    so what does it pass when a customer use 110 MB of disc space with his mail or with his FTP (without buying more space disc in Upgrade center) ?
    Is he blocked by HSPcomplete ?
    Is he invoiced automatically for 10MB at the end of the month ?

    It's very important for me because If I have no possibility to limit space disc on accounts, it's very dangerous to use Plesk accounts.

    Can you enlight me please ?

  2. fenster

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    I'll explain how it works. Let's say that you set disk space quota to 100 Mb with maximum consumable value set to 200 Mb.

    When you buy Plesk hosting, system user is created and his quota is set to 100 Mb. If your customer goes to the Control panel and buys additional disk space (total diskspace should not be more than 200 Mb), he will pay $0.5 per Mb.

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