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    I have migrated plesk from a virtuozzo container to its own node since it uses most of the resources.
    In PBAS, new plesk nodes and clients had been working, however now it doesn't seem to want to create new subscriptions.
    I removed the virtual node and container data from the plesk node information, but it just says it won't do automatic IP assignments (which is fine).
    It did find an IP in the pool (which is also on the plesk node already), however it fails to process the order and create the subscription. Even in conflict resolver when I try to resolve the conflict by registering it with the hardware node, it says:

    Error occurred during domain subscription synchronization: Error setting dedicated IP: Error occurred during assigning IP to Virtuozzo Node:Failed to operate node. No HWNode or Plesk CTID defined for plesk node. Problem report #p2014-06-23_15-06-51.

    How to I make PBAS aware that its a dedicated node and not a virtuozzo node?

    UPDATE: - solved.

    aspc database:

    update hw set plesk_in_vps = 0 where hw_id = ?
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