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Discussion in 'PSA 5.0 Suggestions and Feedback' started by AceMan, Sep 23, 2002.

  1. AceMan

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    hey dan, while I was mucking around with finding a customer's billing info.. I thought of how easy it would be for me to add in a billing feature to plesk. I would do it but I know plesk will change, and my work will be worthless in the end. So, I'm asking for it as a feature :)

    Plesk to handle billing and support printing of invoices & e-mailing of invoices automatically.

    (not necessarily process creditcards!, but if plesk does get a partnership and wants to do them on, all the power to yah, much more work)

    billing acceptance would be input as an OK check by an authorized billing adminisitrator (indexed by invoice #)

    plesk would have to setup:

    start date, service rate, invoice date (monthly, quarterly, yearly)

    when plesk checks for overages ( problem domains ), it also updates billing by adding the additional service beginning on said date

    several ways to list/sort currently un-paid invoices, including buttons to sort through on a per client basis (a button in the client view for admins to check their billing history)

    client-notes section (should be there regardless of this billing system)

    I would love to set something like this up, billing takes a lot of time and an automated invoicing system, with moderate administration would be amazingly beneficial!
  2. Dan S.

    Dan S. Guest

    There are several billing solutions currently being integrated with PSA. There is a possibility of a builtin system in 6.0 as well.
  3. Linulex

    Linulex Product Expert

    Dan, do you have the url's of these?



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