Plesk Automation vs Odin Business Automation Standard vs Service Automation

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Stefan Mueller, Jul 11, 2016.

  1. Stefan Mueller

    Stefan Mueller Bit Poster

    Hi Odin Users.

    I need your help clear out my confusion with the products of odin. I am looking for a multi server management for plesk + a billing solution.
    From what i know, Plesk Automation was/is? the right product for this. Now i saw on the odin web page that Odin Business Automation is more or less the same. Are they going to replace Plesk automation with Business Automation?
    And is the Business Automation as powerfull as the plesk automation?

    Sorry, but i cant get a realy compairsion the odin web site so i hope you guys can help me out!

  2. dkolvakh

    dkolvakh Odin Team


    I do not compare those products, but can ensure you that OBAS can manage multi Plesk Nodes and also provide a wide range of other services.
  3. SteveITS

    SteveITS Tera Poster

    Stefan, with the company and hence product name changes I am not up on matching other products. We started with Plesk Automation (PPA) last spring, though we don't use the billing. Based on what we heard from sales it sounded like a new version was coming late last year or presumably early this year. Now I'm not so sure since Plesk is its own company and for a bit the PPA forum here disappeared (redirecting to which had a read-only version as I recall). PPA is based on Plesk 11 I believe and with the separation it seems to me that at best it will have to forge its own way and not be based on future Plesk versions.

    In March this thread ( mentioned Odin Service Automation Essentials and the last post talks about product differences.

    I will note that since the company changes there hasn't been an update to PPA remove "Parallels" labels or links. The domain registration feature we fortunately didn't start using yet went away, so we removed those links.

    That said we're still getting quality tech support.
  4. SteveITS

    SteveITS Tera Poster

    I just noticed has info about PPA version 11.6 so presumably that's coming out, in addition to 11.5 MU 24 through 26.

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