Plesk 9.5.5 - Still can't create SRV records

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    Plesk Panel for Windows 9.5.5, Windows Server 2003 x86

    After adding an SRV record for needed for Office365, I get an error after clicking the Update button. The record I'm trying to add is:

    Record Type - SRV
    Service Name - _sipfederationtls
    Protocol Name - _tcp
    Port Number - 5061
    Priority of service - 0
    Weight of service - 10
    Target host -

    The error is: Incorrect DNS record values were specified.

    What's interesting is that the record does actually show up in the web GUI, and it gets created in the back-end MSSQL database in PSA.dbo.dns_recs. However, it does not appear in Windows DNS.

    At this point in the web GUI, I still have the Update and Revert buttons available. If I click Update again, I get the same error and another record gets added to PSA.dbo.dns_recs. If I click Revert, I get the normal "Information: Changes made to DNS records were cancelled" message both of the duplicate records do show up in the GUI.

    I've also done some testing on the CLI using dns.exe, and it seems to not support SRV records at all. This command:

    C:\Program Files\Parallels\Plesk\bin>dns.exe --add -srv '' -srv-service sipfederationtls -srv-target-host -srv-protocol tcp -srv-port 5061 -srv-priority 0 -srv-weight 10
    causes this result:

    Unrecognized option: '-srv'
    I'm pretty sure I got the syntax right based on the info at

    Also, as long as those SRV records exist in the database, I cannot add or modify any other records of any type... I always get the same "Incorrect DNS record values were specified." error, the record does appear to be changed within Plesk but the change is not reflected in Windows DNS.

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