Plesk 12.5 AppVault Wordpress Problem

Discussion in 'Plesk Automation Suggestions and Feedback' started by Franz Sigl, Apr 13, 2016.

  1. Franz Sigl

    Franz Sigl Bit Poster

    If i do a "clean installation" customer/domain/wordpress (app Vault) it is running. After this i go to the "wordpress settings" of plesk and change for example the username who is allowed to admin Wordpress, the domain will be redirecteted to IP address to the server and default Plesk page is shown.

    This means, if i alter anything in the settings page of the plesk wordpress, that the domain will not be reachable and the dfault plesk page is shown

    Is this a fault of plesk? how to change this? (ok i know that wordpress coukd be installed without plesk - but if plesk has this feature then it should work)

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