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    Placing a order by using the xml-api results in a fatal error:

    [FATAL] [16389] [Error::throw] copy_from_order():: Cannot find default hostname from subscr. details.

    Can't see any difference between the xml api calls from the default pbas php store and my own implementation. This is my request to the xml-api store:

    [2012/10/11 14:04:27] [INFO] [16690] [HSPC::XMLAPI::__ANON__] API (1.0) request: HSPC::API::Billing->place_order({'period' => '15552000','ext_data' => '','hp_sid' => '55','login' => ['XXXXXX',undef, undef],'account_id' => '4','domain_hash' => {'domain1' => {'dns_hosting' => undef,'create_site' => '1','is_default' => '0','period' => undef,'hosting_destination' => '0','dm_action' => 'dns_hosting','domain_name' => '','contact_hash' => undef,'whois_privacy' => '0'}},'initiator_ip' => '','initiator_email' => ''})

    Debugging is difficult because the api doesn't returns xml just like the creation of a account. Does anybody have a clue what i'm doing wrong?

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