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  1. shorty

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    I notice since version 5.0.3 that the PHP rpm's and 'other' have gone from the Plesk download page.

    This isn't a big problem but just wondered if any rpm version of PHP 4.1.2 > will work with Horde or does it need the Horde PHP rpm's?

    It was good having the old 'others' rpm's as a bundle maybe Plesk could put these in an 'unsupported' ftp download site or similar?
  2. jimroe

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    Cautiously optimistic

    I noticed this also; my "production" server has the horde RPMs (cited and now missing for 5.0.3) installed, and so did my test server which is actually still at 5.0.2.


    I did some work on both my test server and my production server, and have them both running successfully off the Red Hat PHP RPMs. I did have to edit the php.ini file to get Webmail running again as discussed in this thread:

    Specifically, the part to set file_uploads = On and short_open_tag = On - after installing the Red Hat RPMs they were both off. Once done, everything runs fine.
  3. supercool

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    The compilation of IMP in PSA 5.0.2 required the the PHP horde rpms in order for webmail to work correctly. From what I understand this has been fixed in PSA 5.0.3 and you should be able to install the latest PHP (non-horde) rpms. Still, I don't think that it would hurt to have the php horde rpms.


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