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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by futureweb, Feb 16, 2017.

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    Hey there,
    just evaluating an upgrade of our PCS6 + PStorage Cluster to VZ7 + VZStorage.
    Are there any real world experiences with In-Place upgrades? Problems with upgrade? Seamless upgrade? (http://docs.virtuozzo.com/virtuozzo...zzo-sto/upgrading-in-place-with-vstorage.html)
    Or would it be better to start a new Cluster from scratch?
    As it's a productive System - we don't want to risk unexpected downtimes ... ;-)
    Andreas Schnederle-Wagner
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    Hybrid clusters work just fine. You can add both vz6 and vz7 hosts to the same cluster.
    As long as there are any vz6 hosts in the cluster - storage services will work on a "vz6 patchlevel". Once it's vz7-only - it will operate on "vz7 patchlevel" automatically.

    I do not recommend using in-place upgrade function - it's a last resort for those who cannot do it any other way (no other host to offload VEs to).
    In-place upgrade takes a lot longer to complete than a simple re-install, probably including the offloading(there's heavy scripting and analyzing which requires a lot of time), and has some risks to fail (e.g. to leave host in non-operable state). It was thoroughly tested, and chances to "brick" the server are low, but I'd recommend a clean installation anyway since it's faster, less downtime and 100% reliable.

    So, scenario I'm suggesting is simple:
    1) offload host
    2) reinstall host
    3) join host in cluster
    4) migrate environment back
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    alright - thx 4 info!
    Hope I will find some time to do the upgrade within the next few months ... :)
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