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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by futureweb, Jan 30, 2017.

  1. futureweb

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    Hey there,
    I just noticed those 2 entries within PStorage Logs:

    27-01-17 13:24:35 MDS WRN CS#1048 is inactive
    27-01-17 13:24:36 MDS INF CS#1048 is active

    Unfortunately pstorage Logs are already rotated / deleted for 27.01.
    Any ideas how to find out what happened? And do I need to be concerned about this?

    thx, bye from sunny Tirol
    Andreas Schnederle-Wagner
  2. Pavel

    Pavel A.I. Auto-Responder Staff Member

    Hello Andreas,

    If it's a single record in a while, like, happened once in a month, it's not global - just once CS "blinked" - there's nothing to be concerned about. It simply means that CS didn't send a "heartbeat" message in time - MDS considered CS to be inactive, but it sent the "hearbeat" (keepalive in MDS terminology) a second later, and became 'active' again.
    It might either indicate one-time problem with network, or with the CS service.

    You might start to worry if you see several messages like that in a day, on a regular basis - that may cause performance issues, unpleasant but not critical though.
  3. futureweb

    futureweb Tera Poster

    alright - thx 4 info! ;-)

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