PCS: "Failed to find any Parallels Cloud Storage in your network"

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  1. beemol

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    I'm facing a problem which makes me crazy.... !

    To resume: On the 1st server, I've successfully installed Cloud Server & Cloud Storage (with the 3 roles and creating the cluster) but I'm enable to join the cluster during the install process of PCS on the 2nd server.

    When installing Cloud Server on the 2nd server, and trying to join the cluster it always says: Failed to find any Parallels Cloud Storage in your network.

    I understand that there is a network configuration problem.
    Each server have 2 respective IP: 1 private & 1 public.
    When installing PCS on the 1st server, I've set up eth0 & eth1 with respectivly the public and private IP
    The Metadata server role of the 1st server is on the private IP. The 2 private IP's are in a VPN.

    I don't understand what I'm missing in the "Configure Network" window.
    So because of that I can't get through the installation process of the 2nd server..

    I really tryed hard but my network knowledge may be my limit. I really don't know what to do now, it's driving me nuts :-/

    Does anybody have an idea ?
    Should I jump off the window ? Or try Proxmox before ;-)

    Really great thanks in advance for any clue or idea

  2. JeremiahC

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    Did you ever find a solution to this? I had the same problem and just ended up handling everything with nat. In my scenerio, I am wanting to deploy machines with public IP's bound to eth0 or private IP's bound to eth1 or one of each. I am doing this in proxmox manually but it is not a long term solution.
  3. beemol

    beemol Kilo Poster

    Not exactly, but I found a turn around.

    I do profit of your answer to send a message to the parallels team to enhance their product because it doesn't do the trick as they say.

    First, if I was unable to find the cluster from the 2nd server installation that was because my online.net dedecated server had a bad configuration, with the eth1 not reponding (it seems to be usual in the online.net servers by the way... or some network problems). But when that was resolve, and that the servers could ping themselves on the private IP, I had the same problem again.

    The "pstorage discover" was setted up on the 1st server this way:
    26-03-14 21:42:47.725 Discovering using DNS TXT records: FAIL
    26-03-14 21:42:48.727 Discovering using mDNS: OK

    But I didn't know how to set up the DNS server on the 1st server (not in the documentation), ad there is no trace of an "mDNS" way of discovering the cluster in any of the cloud storage or cloud server documentations (or I didn't see it).

    So I end up the PCS "easy" PCS installer on the 2nd server with the "basic storage", so without any cloud storage. That was ok for the install of PCS on the 2nd server. But not yet for the Cloud Storage.

    Then the 2 servers ping themselves on their private IP. The cluster is alone on the 1st server. Then I followed the Cloud Storage Admin documentation to set up the cluster (MDS, Chunk, Client servers, etc).

    I finally got it "working" in the PVA and see the 2 servers.

    BUT, no way of having the HA setted up.
    Then with the help of a system administrator (actually a very good pro), we have made some ajustments to have some more functionnalities working, for example:
    - making the Symbolics links between the /pstorage/Cluster folders
    - synchronising the time of the 2 servers by installing and configuring the ntpd service

    Now I have the cluster working but find some others problems which I'll detail in some other threat, and I hope I'll get some answers.

    So I know that the documentation is not supposed to be a linux manual, but there is some mandatory steps which are not made by the installer and that only some expert administrators could know, e.g.:
    - mounting the DNS server for the discovery,
    - the ntpd service couldn't be integrated in the installer ?
    - some symblic links to make in the cluster
    - the auth keys were not the same (why? I don't know), so we had to copy the 1st key on the 2nd server
    - no way to have "hot" migration without exaclty the same processors on the 2 servers (that was a surprise for me)
    - why 1 of my cunk server is setted up on a 20GB partition ?

    I'm not asking to have answer on each point from the parallels team, I just list them to show how difficult it could be for a basic developper/administator to install correctly this products, and specially that there is no turn around or clues or solutions in the doc if it "doesn't work as expected".

    JeremiahC, I hope I had help you a litte with that message.
    I've seen that this thread has had so many views, so I'm right to think that I'm not alone to have problems to install PCS with Cloud Storage.
    And That's not finish for me !

    I have hesitate to do that wiith Proxmox, I thought that PCS was easier, but I'm not sure about it anymore.
    But I keep working on it, with lots of hope, because I'm sure it's a good product at the end, when it is correctly configured !!

  4. AnnaM

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    Thanks beemol for sharing such a detailed description of the solution. I was trying to do the same thing some time ago without a success.

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