PBAS Version 4?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ronan675, Jan 20, 2010.

  1. ronan675

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    When Is version 4 of PBAS due? There have been no major updates for well over a year. I heard early last year that parallels was working on moving PBAS to the same platform has PBA enterprise.

    Has there been any progress with this? I would really appreciate some kind of roadmap.
  2. JoachimN

    JoachimN Bit Poster

    Word is it will be released somewhere this year. I also heard they're moving it to PBAe platform, from multiple Parallels sources. It would indeed be nice if they would be more open on this. Especially considering the fact that mostly Parallels partners use this software. A lack of updates on functionality directly hurts Parallels' sales as well.
  3. JoachimN

    JoachimN Bit Poster

    Somewhere this year, apparently. There moving PBAS to the PBAE platform. That's what multiple sources inside Parallels told me. A roadmap would be nice, indeed. Especially considering the fact that Parallels partners depend on PBAS to sell Parallels products. The long absence of structural updates is directly hurting the sales of Parallels' products. Also, the lack of information on future releases prevents us from making any long-term plans with it. This may even force us to phase it out.
  4. olsh

    olsh Odin Team

    We are working on updating PBAS roadmap at the moment and it should be ready by the Hosting Summit 2010 which will happen later this month in Miami.

    I will be visiting Summit myself and it would be a pleasure for me to share our vision on PBAS, features we will add and further development directions.

    There are multiple improvements such as online store simplification, consolidated invoicing, SSL certificates provisioning and more - we are trying to put them into proper sequence and split between releases.

    Oleg Shaikhatarov

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