PBAS Online Store (Beta) is available for evaluation

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    Dear Partners,

    At Parallels, we’re always searching for fresh approaches that will help us create best-of-breed solutions. We test our products thoroughly in our own labs before releasing them, but we need feedback from you, our partners, to ensure that our solution meets your expectations. That’s why we look to you to help us kick the tires of our latest preproduction solutions by testing them in your own environment. Your real-world experience is vital to the success of our production-quality product.

    So please evaluate our beta release of Parallels Business Automation Standard Online Store 4.3 and then share your feedback with us. You’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that you contributed directly to making our product better.

    Overview and download instructions are available at PartnerNet portal.
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    I think that it's important that we can disable the header and different product navigation so that the store can be easily integrated in sites that only want to sell one certain type of product, for example for resellers that want to have multi stores for different types of products.

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