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Discussion in 'Suggestions and Feature Requests' started by GerardoA, May 9, 2013.

  1. GerardoA

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    Hi PBAS Team

    It would be a great idea to be able o select the level of discount for licenses so that they can differ from the actual subscription.


    Top > Billing Director > Discount Manager > Discount Categories > New Discount Category > in the list there should be "Discounts for licenses"

    this will allow resellers to manage the license discount more effectively at the moment you need to up the cost of the subscription to try and off balance the loss on the actual license if the subscription discount is 25% you should be able to make the license discount 10%.

    This will make pricing hosting packages quicker and easier for Providers so they are more inline with normal pricing policies.

  2. parallelsbox

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    I don't think discounts have any effect on KA licenses. I have reported this the other day. It works for other type of services, but apparently it doesn't have any effect in licenses.

    Also, it would be interesting if discounts were not only percentage based but fixed price also, so that you could have a license at 25 normal price and 22, 19, 16 for silver, gold and platinum partners (just an example on how hard it would be to make this pricing only based on percentage). Also, if some day you lowered the price from 25 to 24 it didn't affect the reseller prices.
  3. GerardoA

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    Hi Parallelsbox

    Yes discounts do have an effect on licenses in the following way, if we have an account that has a discount category applied for example a 15% discount then the license thats also sold as part of a hosting plan will also be discounted by 15%.

    Not such a good idea if your a silver partner that only gets 10% off your RRP license so your actually loosing money on the license, so its back to the drawing board and you then need to adjust your hosting package to a much larger amount so that your not loosing money on the license.

    What if your discount category is 35% then effectively your loosing 25% of your purchase price. not very clever so again you need to increase your overall hosting plan to cover costs and then this makes your plans un-competative compared to others.

    What im referring to with the discount category for licenses is so that we don't need to include or can place our own level of discount for the license separately to the entire hosting plan discount.

    It should work in a similar to Attributes discount, Applications discount, domains discount etc. the current design is not very smart... (Sorry Parallels another let down on this front.)

    like in the attached image.
    Screen Shot 2013-05-11 at 11.15.45 AM.png

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