PBAS as a secondary dns-server

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    How can i set my PBAS (e.g mypbas.mydomain.com) server as secondary dns-server (which gives authoritative answers) for the certain domain which hosted and managed on another system (e.g. example.com)?
    I can't find how to do this via Provider Contol Panel...
    On example.com I added A-record and NS-record for mypbas.mydomain.com
    When I add "New Domain" -> "Add registered domain" -> set example.com and check "Do not host my domain in the Provider DNS, I will manage it manually elsewhere." -> "Register", i get the new record in my "Domain manager"... But i can't change any options of this domain. And when I try nslookup via my PBAS server like
    nslookup -q=SOA example.com mypbas.mydomain.net
    I get "non-authoritative answer"... What can I do to make his answer authoritative?
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    To make a nameserver authoritative make sure its listed with the registrar (i.e. whois lookup) as well as having an NS record for the domain (i.e. example.com).

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