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    Hi all.

    I hope to get some pointers inhere :)

    II can´t find anything on how to set up Plesk with lan/Wan/Nat address, let me explain:

    Have made a test environment, running on CentOS and Debian.
    Lets say that 192.168.1.x is public IP adresses.



    DNS1 (SSH managed)
    DNS2: (SSH managed)

    What would a typical setup be?

    Using a standalone firewall in front (bridge/transparent or would you use NAT?) or, IPtables (OS firewall) and/or the firewall in plesk?
    If to use the firewall in plesk what about pba-s, would that be the OS firewall to use?

    Wan ---> Firewall Transparent ---> servers

    Wan---> Firewall NAT---> servers

    Wan ---> servers, OS firewall like IPtables

    Would you create a backend network for server comunication, pbas<--->plesk<--->dns servers?

    I hope someone want to share their knowledge.
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