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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Pe2tr3, Jul 26, 2012.

  1. Pe2tr3

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    I noticed that Kayako fusion has an option at "Users > organizations" To create organizations
    Does this option has a connection with Business accounts type of PBAs ?

    I see in my Kayako almost 10 organizations but I have much more Business accounts in PBAs.
  2. vbatraev

    vbatraev Odin Team

    It not has connection with type of accounts in PBAS.
    If you want to extend the integration, you may customize the connector module (.php file).

    Currently PBAs pass information about persons(users) to the module (including person id).
    You may use PBAs API to request additional info for the person and account from PBAs.
    Use get_person_info method to get account id, then get_account_info method to get all information about the account.
    Then pass obtained information the way you want to Kayako.

    Refer to PBAs SDK for more details about API: http://download.pa.parallels.com/pbas/doc/PBAS_SDK/

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