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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Pe2tr3, May 1, 2012.

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    I have created a new vps plan in PBAs and set at " Non-Billable Resources > CPU limit (cpulimit) " 100 %
    almost all the other cpu resources are 100 % and the vps has all the HN cores.

    when I checked inside the vps I get

    cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep cpu
    cpu family : 6
    cpu MHz : 249.974
    cpu cores : 8
    cpuid level : 13

    which is far from 2000 I should get.

    also inside virtuozzo the value does not have 100% limit but 16000%

    How can I configure PBAs to give more cpulimit to this VPS ?
  2. Pe2tr3

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    I noticed that cpulimit depends on HN node and represents a percentage of HN total cpu.
    But if I create a plan with in a HN with 4 cpus of 4 cores of 2 GHz the 10% is 4*4*2*0,10 is 3,2GHz
    If I created in a HN with 1 cpu of 2 GHz then the 10% is 200MHz.

    It is not logical to sell a plan to a customer and the cpu will be from 200MHz to 3,2 GHz !
    I think that this resource handle needs immediate attention. The client should get what he paid for.
  3. Pe2tr3

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    I noticed that this bug still exist in version 4.3 with CS6.3
  4. vbatraev

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    The behavior was changed in PBAS 4.3 RTM.
    Please check release notes for more details.

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