Parallels Server for Mac Bare Metal Install

Discussion in 'Installation, Update and Configuration' started by beta_rob.lisi, Mar 4, 2010.

  1. beta_rob.lisi

    beta_rob.lisi Bit Poster

    I can't get the Xserve to recognize the special image as bootable. I copied the contents of the DMG to the first level of my CD and tried holding down the C key but it boots straight to the OS.
    Any ideas?
  2. dthompson

    dthompson Kilo Poster

    you need to burn the DMG to a CD with something like disk utility. The it will be a working bootable disk for your xserve.
  3. Robert Ojok

    Robert Ojok Bit Poster

    Bootable cd will not work!

    Yes I hope some one has the same problem; I have burnt the dmg content after mounting the dmg (PSBM) but cannot start up from it. Any particular reason!?
  4. patgmac

    patgmac Kilo Poster

    You're not burning it right. Do not mount the DMG, drag it into Disk Utility and burn it from there.
  5. Robert Ojok

    Robert Ojok Bit Poster

    Have you resolved this issue? When you download the dmg and iso drag them to disk utility left beneath the gray bar where all you images are. Select each one at time, beginning with the the .dmg and click burn insert a cd and burn and do the same for the DvD iso and that will work fine.
  6. JamesRidsdale

    JamesRidsdale Bit Poster

    You simply need to burn the ISO to a CD via DiskUtil, the ISO contains the DMG which is mounted by the Xserve during the install.

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