Parallels ignoring customers (Exentric developed)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by jovana, Dec 20, 2010.

  1. jovana

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    We have asked Parallels to develop a plugin for p-bas to use the domain registry service of RRP-Proxy (Key-systems).
    Parallels does not there self developed such a plugin, and have this out sources on Exentric Italy.
    We give the order to developed end 2008. It took almost 1 year before a first version has completed. Okay we understand it will take a while to develop this. No problem.

    We have found some bugs. We collect al the bugs and send it back. This is going for the next 6 month, every now and then a new version popup up, and some bugs are fixed.

    Suddenly it became silence around exentric and support was not responding anymore on requests. Also asking for status updated on fixing issue's around this plugin. The last year there is no update or no fixes or what so ever. New extensions are not added.

    Begin 2010 asking parallals what is going on, and why Exentric is not reacting anymore. It seems parallels does not do business any more on Exentric. This is a good choice. But we still have payed for a plugin what is still not working correctly and it is almost useless.

    Is there some one who can help or has a good advise what to do?
  2. JoachimN

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    We were also interested in the RRP Proxy plug-in and we know of several other PBAS using companies who have the same interest. In fact, we know of a few parties who have ordered and are using an already existing RRP Proxy plugin. Pricing appears to be in the region of €4K and they claim this plug-in is completely ready to go and supporting over 70 TLD's. They seem to charge for the development over and over again, even though PBAS customers already pay for the license and SUS (or lease depending on your contract).

    This is another example of Parallels using double standards to extract more money from customers: They sell a 'turn-key' platform, which receives little or no updates over the years. Then they charge extra for the development of plug-ins which should have been there to begin with. And of course they don't deliver on their promises.

    My advice: demand your money back and have a decent party develop it instead.
  3. jovana

    jovana Mega Poster

    No the don't!
    I'am going mad about this. It takes months to get things done or fixed.
  4. jovana

    jovana Mega Poster

    We sorry to have you waked up. We have given the order to start developing this end 2007. To do it is not finished at all.

    We have started a group for pBAS in the google discusion groups. Please join:

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