Parallels Business Automation Standard 4.5.5 is Now Available

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  1. dkolvakh

    dkolvakh Odin Team

    I'm proud to announce the latest release of Parallels Business Automation Standard: 4.5 Update 5.

    It includes several new features, including:
    • New Cardlink Payment Plugin Instead of End-Of-Life ProxyPay3
    • SagePay Payment Plugin Upgraded to API v.3
    • Banca Sella Payment Plugin API Update
    • Mass Update of Nameservers
    • Trial Period for Miscellaneous Hosting Plans
    • Coupon Code Field Added to Shopping Cart
    • Apply Promotion to Existing Subscription
    • Improved Management of Plesk Applications
    • Setting Default Termination Date in Subscription Termination Request
    • Compensation Only for New Orders for Campaigns
    • Built-in List of TLDs that do not Require AuthCode for Transfer
    • Other improvements and many bug fixes...
    Please refer to PBAS 4.5.5 Release Notes for more information.

    Download PBAS 4.5.5 installation and upgrade files from PartnerNet. (Requires PBAS lease license or an active SUS)

    Also you can download tarball for the following OSes/platforms:
    CentOS 5/Redhat EL 5 i386, only for upgrades:

    CentOS 6/Redhat EL 6, x86_64, upgrades and clean installs:

    Learn how to upgrade by using the following step-by-step instructions from our Knowledge base articles:
  2. AaronMcH

    AaronMcH Mega Poster

    Is there any ETA for OBAS 4.6? As I am hoping that PBAS-29877 Intended Use Filed for Domain Registrations and features in this thread will be included.

  3. dkolvakh

    dkolvakh Odin Team


    You may ask about PBAS 4.6 ETA your sales representative. Regarding .scot tld (PBAS-29877) - it was already implemented in 4.5.5.
  4. AaronMcH

    AaronMcH Mega Poster

    Hi dkolvakh

    Thanks for the response

    Regards -Aaron

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