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  1. GregorL

    GregorL Kilo Poster

    I apologize if this is mentioned somewhere, I just could not find it.
    Can MSP Preview 1 be installed on CentOS 6?
  2. Blake@Parallels

    Blake@Parallels Mega Poster

    Hi Gregor,

    This first preview can only be installed on CentOS/RedHat 5 in x86 or x86_64 architecture.
  3. dynamicnet

    dynamicnet Kilo Poster

    Good day, Blake:

    We've been getting questions from our H-Sphere provider customers as to when CentOS 6 will be supported.

    We had a case less than two weeks ago where a customer had a hard drive crash; and the data center recommended CentOS 5 or 6 given he was on 4 (with 4 going EOL early 2012).

    While I understand preview 1 is CentOS 4 and 5, for when MSP is released, can you please have it ready for CentOS 4 to 6?

    Thank you.

    P.S. On that note, I do believe it would be great for customers who need time to get money, time to plan, etc. that operating systems would be supported (in terms of the software being able to be installed and work on it) until 1 to 2 years past their official EOL.
  4. Andrew Andriatis

    Andrew Andriatis Odin Team

    We will not support CentOS 4 for the Management Node. Service nodes will have much wider range of OSs and their versions.
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