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Discussion in 'Troubleshooting' started by mbraak, Mar 30, 2005.

  1. mbraak

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    I've a little problem when i want to order a hosting plan on behalve of a customer.

    What i do is the following:
    I select the account under Business Director/Account Manager/ Accounts then i push the buton "Login to CP"

    Now i get the Account's control panel and it says the i'm logged on as the customer.

    But when i go to subscriptions and push the button "Buy another Hostin Plan" then the Store is opened and de security context is back at my own provider level. So ordering hosting plans is attached to my own account instead of the customers account.

    I cant choose to use the customers account
  2. fenster

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    You should go to the /pcc -> Infrastructure Manager -> Virtuozzo VPSes (or Plesk Domains -- depends on what you are going to buy) and press New VPS or New Domain. You will be able to select an account for the new VPS/Plesk domain.
  3. mbraak

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    This issue is acknowledged as a bug by SWsoft and will be fixed in Hotfix 3

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