Only one special CSID is much busy

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    I find from pstorage -c xx top showing that only one CSID are specially busy like following

    1093 active 916.7G 477.0G 6417 0 100% 3.05/1709 1.9 0 4296 None None 11, 2h 17m ago 76% J

    IOWait is 100% and JRN_FULL is 76% compare with others is much high.

    Where I can check what happen caused this?

  2. Pavel

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    It's 100% in use because its journal is nearly full, new I\O to CS comes faster than journal is cleaned.
    You must understand Journal principle of work first - when data is written to CS it's written to SSD (journal) - this allows fast I\O to the CS. Then, in background, journal commits the change to actual CS placed on the HDD (slower operation, but since its in the background - its OK).
    In your case I\O to CS is so high background operations are not catching up on it.

    Usually this behavior indicates slowness of the SSD - its high wearout or malfunction.
    Take a closer look at the SSD's SMART, and monitor iostat to check performance and load on the disk

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