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    A customer went to pay an order which was generated by the system for Plesk Domain hosting, then subsequently modified to add an additional item to the order. The customer went to pay the order was taken through the WorldPay Terminal (we use WorldPay's Online Terminal) then sent back to OBAS for confirmation.

    The issue is that even though the payment completed successfully at WorldPay the order is still sitting on the On Payment state. A Online Payment document was generated by the system but this is stuck at the Open state. The Online Payment document even has a reference number in the format of a UUID which I assume is from WorldPay's end.

    I can't find a button to force the system to continue processing the order. I could select the option to return the order back to the Open state and then select Process Now, but I'd prefer not to do to that as I want to keep the order and payment linked.

    Any help to resolve this would be appreciated,
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    Please contact Odin support regarding this issue.

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