Odin Business Automation Standard 4.5.7 is Now Available

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  1. dkolvakh

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    I'm proud to announce the new release of Odin Business Automation Standard: 4.5 Update 7.

    It introduces several new features, including:
    • Moving Customer Accounts Between Vendors
    • Password Setup and Expiration Policy
    • New SSL Certificates with eNom Plugin
    • Mass-Deletion of Payment Methods
    • Extended Attributes Functionality Enhancements
    • PowerDNS Updated to Version 3.4.10
    • Notifications About Failed Tasks
    • Improved VM Templates Management
    • Recreating and Migrating Virtual Machines
    • Backing Up Virtual Machines
    • Managing Network Interfaces for Virtual Machines
    • Managing Virtual Machines from Customer Control Panel
    • Managing Virtual Machines from Provider Control Center
    • Optimizing Traffic Management on Virtuozzo hypervisor Nodes
    • Resolving Virtual Machine Conflicts
    • Actions over Virtual Machines for Related Subscription Events
    • Long TXT DNS Records Support
    • NAPTR DNS Records Supported
    • Allowing Customer to Change Account Type from Control Panel
    • New Actions over Containers for Related Subscriptions
    • Performance & Stability Improvements
    • Other improvements and many bug fixes...
    Please refer to OBAS 4.5.7 Release Notes (PDF) for more information.

    Warning! Since OBAS 4.5.7 only following Operating Systems are supported:
    • Redhat Enterprise Linux AS6 (x86_64 only)
    • CentOS 6 (x86_64 only)
    Learn how to migrate OBAS to the modern system by using the following step-by-step instructions from our Knowledge base article: http://kb.odin.com/2126

    Link to the tarball for CentOS 6/Redhat EL 6 x86_64 upgrades and clean installs will be reproduced by your OBAS system on the Up2date Manager > Release Notes page.
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  2. Naymen

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    How to download OBAS 4.5.7 ?
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  3. dkolvakh

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    Please go to Up2date Manager > Release Notes page in your OBAS installation. Link exists in Release Notes.
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