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    Hi everybody,

    currently we have a technical problem. We have installed the obas and the latest version from plesk on two different servers. Unfortunately the obas not synchronized with the plesk. The customer will not be displayed in the customer-manager. For this the customers dip it in the migration-manager under "Conflicts Resolver" on. Unfortunately I can not it "Resolven" and solve the problem. It seems as if the obas can not communicate properly with the plesk. Is there a workaround?

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    OBAS installation on a physical server is possible.

    Even it's strongly recommended that you deploy OBAS into Virtuozzo Containers container, installation on a physical server is also possible.

    Verify the server where you are going to install OBAS meets the Hardware And Software Requirements. Refer to the chapter "If you want to install Parallels Business Automation - Standard on the physical server" of the OBAS Installation Guide for the installation instructions.
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    This information is not enough to investigate a problem.
    If OBAS could not communicate with Plesk Node, it will show it as unavailable. If OBAS cannot retrieve some information from Plesk Node in Conflict Resolver, it should show appropriate message. Anyway, communication between two systems will be logged in /var/log/hspc/hspc.log when Log level is set to DEBUG in settings.

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