Nominet Plugin - Tag Change

Discussion in 'Suggestions and Feature Requests' started by PhilP, Jun 10, 2014.

  1. PhilP

    PhilP Kilo Poster

    It is not currently possible to change the Tag on a domain from within PBAS either from provider or customer control panel.

    It should be possible for the tag to be changed either by the provider or (selectable by provider) the customer.

    Once the tag has changed the subscription should be terminated in PBAS, although this might be optional behaviour.

    Terminating the subscription SHOULD NOT invoke delete domain at registrar as the creates an error at Nominet.
  2. FedorK

    FedorK Mega Poster

    This feature already supported for several plugins but not for Nominet. We implement the same fubctionality for Nominet in future.

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