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    We have Virtuozzo 7.0.4 and back up to a backup server (hn6). From the server running Windows VM VMname we can see the backups for a VM using prlctl backup-list VMname -s root@hn6.

    Per we should be able to attach a backup to the VM as a disk. However prlctl set VMname --backup-add does not have an option to connect to a server (trying -s yields error "An incorrect value for --size is specified: root@hn6").

    I copied all backups for this VM into /vz/vmprivate/backups, however prlctl backup-list VMname or even prlctl backup-list on that server shows no results.

    One oddity is that for the directory I created in /vz/vmprivate/backups/{67a71205-9502-4162-b5c2-xxxxxxxxxxxxx} has different permissions (drwx------) in the cluster storage, vs (drwxrwxrwt) on the backup node. And, as root, I can't change its permissions using chmod. No error, it just doesn't change. I tried creating a different directory and a file even in /vz/vmprivate, can't change permissions.

    Am I missing something? If this is a permission issue any idea why I can't change permissions in /vz/vmprivate?

    Edit: I made the permissions question a separate thread:
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    D'oh, I didn't copy the .metadata file in the parent directory. :oops:
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