New update for PPA 11.0 is available!

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    Hi everyone,

    Today, we've released updates for PPA 11.0. Here is change log:

    a. Fixed DNS settings screen when you logged as customer to Hosting Panel
    b. Fixed utility "/usr/local/ppa/bin/" to switch off/on native PPA billing solution
    c. Fixed PPA installer to define IP address for communicating with service nodes. If there is more than one IP address on your server, we recommend that you use one of them only for node-to-node communication.
    d. Fixed installation issue on Redhat 5.8 VZ x64
    e. Updated PPA and Migration guides

    Please run command "/usr/local/ppa/bin/ppa_update --install-updates" to apply updates on existing PPA 11.0 installation

    P.S. Tool to perform upgrade from PPA Beta2 to PPA 11.0 will be released and announced later.

    Best Regards,
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