New PPA test install, can't seem to create web spaces

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    I'm sure I'm missing something elementary, but I seem to have hit a brick wall. This is a new test install of PPA 11.5.5 with currently 8 nodes: CP, Apache, IIS, MySQL, Mail, 2 BIND, and Webmail. Installation and adding nodes went pretty much without a hitch so I'm testing account creation, subscription settings, etc. but I'm not getting very far. Anytime I try to add a subscription (any subscription) to an account I get the error: "Owner with external ID = '211' does not exist in Plesk database" The actual ID number varies depending on which account I'm trying to add a subscription to, but otherwise it's always the same error. I've tried the built-in default subscriptions, I've tried creating my own...same results either way.

    What am I missing here?



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    You should open a ticket with support. They respond quickly.
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    Just a hint to all - check Task Manager after each operation in Provider Control Pane and don't perform the next steps until resolve the previous fails. It's a typical problem when some tasks are not processed yet by some reasons and you try to do the next operations. PPA is designed to run tasks around service node deployment, account management, subscription management in async mode. What does it mean. PPA register an object in its database and then, schedule a number of tasks in TM to apply the configuration on backend. For instance, in case of account creation, besides PPA db, this one should be registered in SSO (Single Sign On) and this operation can be failed. And when you create a new subscription, the previous task to create account is not finished successfully yet. That's why can be a situation when account is not created yet and you try to create a subscription for them.

    It's highly recommended to check TM, analyze the issue - in most case, its not a bug and just can be fixed by Provider himself. When the inital problem has been resolved, just re-run a task. Also, don't cancel fail tasks. Otherwise, we get a situation when object is registered in the system but not applied on backend and it's easy to get broken upgrade.

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