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Discussion in 'Installation and "How-To" Questions' started by MichaelPD, Jul 19, 2013.

  1. MichaelPD

    MichaelPD Kilo Poster

    Hi all

    For the e-Mail notifications for new Plesk Domain customers, i need a Placeholder that shows the plesk node's hostname. Per default, there is only a @@subscription.hw_ip_address@ variable that shows the IP address. But there is no placeholder for the hostname.

    I'm trying to add a new placeholder. I've found all the informations in the SDK, and have successfully added a new placeholder that uses one of the existing informations (admin_email, billing_fname, and so on). But i dont find informations about how to pass the Plesk Node Name into the PlaceHolder function within /var/opt/hspc-root/custom/EV/

    Does anyone has an idea?

  2. dkolvakh

    dkolvakh Odin Team

    This is the feature request and it should be driven by support. Please, write letter to support.

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