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Discussion in 'PSA 2.0 'How do I' Questions' started by skylap, Feb 19, 2002.

  1. skylap

    skylap Guest


    I have registered the domain name "" and I wanted to make nameservers out of them: and

    Anyways, I made the nameservers and registered everything as nameservers but I do not know how to make them resolve/bind in my plesk control panel.

    Can someone email me at or simply reply with instructions? Complete instructions because I've tried following what is on the plesk forum and i didn't get much.

  2. ebird

    ebird Guest

    I think I have the same questions. Any info will be appreciated a lot.
  3. Guru

    Mark appearantly paid someone off to do it for him :p
    What exactly do you need to know ebird?
  4. ebird

    ebird Guest

    I am just a poor guy who just squeezed my money for setting up a server. I wanted to test the plesk on the "free for one domain" lincence to see how well it works.

    The problem now is, after the host installed the psa, I logged in by using admin/setup. I created one client, but when I tried to add one domain for the client, I got the following message:

    (unable to create new domain. Unable to create
    mail staff for domain: ERROR: error while deleting from file asign)

    The plesk support told me the one domain key is automatically installed, but the key number is still plsk.00000000.0000

    I don't have a clue how to edit the domain DNS zone and how to assign the nameserver for the domain. ) maybe cause I can't add even one domain?

    My friend is a cpanl guy and I persuaded him to try plesk. I am not familiar with server admin at all.

    In short, I want to know how to use PSA to manage a single domain on one server.

    Any help will be appreciated.
  5. Guru

    I'm not sure what the problem is setting up the domain. Until that is solved, you wont be able to do anything. When added the client, did you enter a domain? When you login as admin, if you click on domains, is there anything there?
  6. ebird

    ebird Guest

    Thanks Dan. I got a message from plesk support and it seems there's something on qmail. I cleaned it and I have already added one domain successfully.

    I am reading the documents now to see how to manage the dns and how to add IP. Hope to get familiar with it.


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