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  1. rscheers

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    When using two named servers (installed by HSPComplete) I get the following error in the Action Log:

    SSH-based Name Server creation; Cannot read from named.zones file. Please check that the file exists and has correct permissions. (/var/named//named.zones)

    This file exists and I even tried giving it 777, but it didn't resolve this error.

    Does anyone have a suggestion how to fix this ?
  2. SupportTeam

    SupportTeam Guest

    Please could you check output of the following commands on nameserver :
    # grep named.zones /etc/named.conf
    # egrep "^ROOTDIR" /etc/sysconfig/named
    # ls -ld /var/named
    # ls -l /var/named/named.zones
    # su - namedsync -c 'head -n1 /var/named/named.zones'
    namedsync user should have read/write permissions on /var/named/named.zones file and the following command just for example also should not display any errors:
    # su - namedsync -c 'echo>> /var/named/named.zones'
    Yuri Tarasov
    SWsoft Support Team

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