Mysql in virtual automation

Discussion in 'Performance Questions' started by Jonathan_Grant, May 13, 2015.

  1. Jonathan_Grant

    Jonathan_Grant Bit Poster

    how do I access mysql in virtual automation??

    I got a virtual server from hostgator and they say mysql is installed but they can't tell me how to access it. They say I have to contact parallels. This is the only way I know how to do that. :(

    Does anyone know???
  2. IP^__^

    IP^__^ Odin Team

    Hello Jonathan,

    Do you have the direct access to the VPS via SSH or you have the access to the panel only?
    Could you please provide us with a screenshot of this panel so we can see which kind of the product do you use?

    Anyway, this is quite strange to hear that service provider can't tell you how to access the product they sell:)
  3. davidfrost

    davidfrost Bit Poster

    I think you have access to phpmyadmin. You can control Mysql from there.

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